Royal Flush – bonus scenes

Eyes on me

As soon as I take a step through the doors of the Myriad Casino, I am greeted with a nod by the security officer. I answer with the same gesture, however it’s not in my nature to stop for a chat. 

It’s Friday night so the place is packed as usual. I walk along the blackjack tables and head towards the elevator without stopping. It’s already past two in the morning and as tired as I am after a whole day of saying goodbye to the guests and packing my bags for the honeymoon, I cannot sleep when Angelo is staying out so long, working. Especially when he was supposed to be gone for just an hour or two tops.

When I get to the floor where his office is, I see the doors opening and Talia standing in the threshold. She has her back to me, but the visible tension in her lets me know that she’s not in a good mood.

When she hears my footsteps, she turns around quickly and her lips pull in a forced smile. It’s easy to see that she’s tired.

“Katya, nice to see you,” she says and hugs me lightly.

I nod.

“You too. Is there any way I can steal my husband?”

“Well, if there’s anyone who can make him move his ass out of here, it’s you. So have at it.”

She gestures in the direction of the office and returns to her desk.

Looking back at her, I smile. “Go home and sleep. You’re working way too much,” I tell her and surprisingly she listens. Honestly, Talia is here whenever Angelo is, and she doesn’t leave if he doesn’t. It’s admirable, but sometimes it’s like she is afraid of taking time off. And everyone, including her, needs to rest.

I go inside, closing the doors behind me.

Angelo is leaning on the desk, his hands gripping the edges of it. When he sees me, he pushes away from it and walks up to me. His hands move to my hair. He tugs at it, tilting my head back, and kisses me roughly. 

“Have you given time off to my security too on the way up here?” he asks, but there’s no anger in his voice. He heard what I told Talia.

I shrug. “If you kept them around as much as you do your assistant, I definitely would.”

He sneaks his arm around me and scoops me up. My ass slams on the desk. I wapp my legs around his waist with a smirk pulling against my lips.

His cock is strained against my heated pussy.

“You’ll be happy to know I gave her time off while we’re away.”

I am, but it’s not what’s on my mind right now.

He kisses me again.

I moan loudly. His strong body is pressed against mine, making every minute in his arms so steamy I can feel my panties getting soaking wet. And he didn’t even remove them, or his pants.

“I wanted to get you to come back home. Not for me to get stuck in here,” I whisper between the kisses, though my fingers scratch at his black dress shirt and I find myself unbuttoning it slowly, exposing his beautiful, tattooed chest.

“There’s no reason to hurry now,” he answers and leans in, pushing all the papers from the desk. He pulls off my dress. “Lie down, doll.”

I do as I’m told.

Angelo smirks at me, lowers his head, and dives between my legs. He tears off my panties and licks from my ass up to my pussy.

I bite my lip, closing my eyes. My knees are shaking as I try to keep myself from shifting under the pressure. Toes curling in my heels and I kick them off. 

He knows what he’s doing to me. He knows it very well.

“Eyes on me, little girl,” he breathes out before sucking on my clit. His tongue runs in circles. “Now.”

Our eyes meet at once. He’s observing my every move, studying me. Almost as if he doesn’t know me well enough and wants to make sure he’s hitting all the right spots. Though, he simply enjoys looking at how him pleasuring me makes me red, hot, and bothered. It gets him even more turned on.

Warmth floods my body with the way his pupils dilate. I relax against the desk, putting my legs over his shoulders. I grab the desk and push myself into him.

I feel myself getting closer.

Fuck, I love that man.

“That’s it, doll,” he coaxes me. “Come in my mouth. Let yourself go.”

I groan as he adds two fingers, going in circles, according to the rhythm of his tongue. He then runs his lips over my inner thigh before going back up. 

I tug at his hair, my back arching.

He keeps fucking me, licking as I’m spilling my juices with each passing second. He licks it all, eyes locked on mine. His other hand goes up to my tits. My nipples pucker against his fingers. He plays with them, bringing waves of pleasure that make it hard for me to breathe properly.

“You’re perfect, Katya,” he says to me, hovering over my lips, and then kisses me as the orgasms run through me.

“So damn beautiful, and everything I’ve ever wanted.”

I sigh, watching him take out his fingers and suck them, drinking my juices.

“I love you so fucking much,” I cry out, planting a hard, passionate kiss on his lips. “You’re mine forever.”

He pulls me back to the sitting position, hugging my body to his again. When he runs his palm over my pussy, I shiver.

“No one will ever have you, doll. Only me.” Our tongues collide again. His hand goes up to my throat as he draws circles with the tip of his thumb.

I squeeze his arm, agreeing with him. I don’t want anyone else. Ever.

He’s everything I need.

“We’re going home, and I’m fucking you before we go to the airport,” he whispers in my ear. “Then I’ll be fucking you again on the plane, and again and again during our honeymoon.”

I smile, chuckling.

“Almost as if you had some sort of a goal, Mr. Should-I-Be-Expecting-Something?” I tease him, although I’ve been suspecting for a while what he’s planning. Or at the very least thinking about it.

“I want to have a baby with you.”

I knew that. And even though I’m not one to dream of having kids and planning a family, or whatever else. However, looking at him I cannot think of anything better than having someone who’s forever going to be a part of the man I love. Perhaps going to look like him as well.

“Then you better try hard,” I tell him, running my hand down his chest to the waist of his pants. Then I push him away. “But we will try when you’re all packed up. The flight is in four hours, sir.”

Deal with it

The frown on my face hasn’t disappeared ever since Angelo picked up that godforsaken phone call. I am a workaholic, I’ll admit it. Ever since Jay and I started our business Vingt-Un Tech., specializing in the gaming industry – especially casinos. Though, I have nothing on Angelo. This man lives and breathes work like it’s air. So, when his Capo dei Capi called, we booked the next flight from Bali and the three days we had of vacationing was it for us.

I don’t know Noah Falcone – the Las Vegas Capo – other than that short moment when I greeted him at the wedding, but something tells me that with the way I can’t conceal my annoyance, he’s not going to like me at all.

I’ve been to Las Vegas a few times before. It has been one of my favorite cities before because I love gambling. But as we drive through the streets with hundreds of lights and people outside in the evening, it no longer holds anything over Phoenix. I already found my home.

Looking to my left, I see Angelo focused on the drive. He’s traveling here every few months for a meeting with other captains but it still seems like he is trying to remember the way to his Capo’s office.

“Do you need to have the meeting tonight? Really?” I ask. After such a long trip I only want to take a shower and go to sleep.

He shakes his head, extending his hand to me, squeezing my thigh. “We’re going to the hotel to freshen up. And then Noah invited us to dinner. I’m not sure if it’s really a meeting tonight. More like him wanting to get to know you. You’re an outsider and he’s strict on people he lets inside the Famiglia.”

I remember Angelo mentioning it to me earlier and somehow I can’t recall Noah wanting to find out more about me back at our wedding. He barely said five words to me which were: “Pleasure to meet you, Katya.”

Besides, he wouldn’t make Angelo come back from his honeymoon earlier if it wasn’t an emergency.

“What aren’t you telling me?”

He knows I’m not one to lie to. I’m smarter than that.

Angelo sighs, gripping the steering wheel tighter.

“It’s nothing. There are just some problems with the shipments to our Famiglia. Nothing to worry about,” he says.

Translation: it’s nothing he wants me to worry about. 

Then he takes my hand and brings it up to his lips. “I promise we will have our honeymoon soon.”

“I don’t care about that. I just don’t want you to blow smoke up my ass.”

He glances at me and laughs out loud.

“Do what?” He shakes his head, amused. “We don’t say it here.”

“Oh well, I do. Deal with it.” 

I’m not really angry at him but the tiredness and jet lag is getting to me quicker than I’d like. I barely got used to a different time zone, and already had to come back to get used to it once more.

We stop at the lights, and he uses this moment to grab my legs and turns me around to face him so that I’m sitting on the edge of my seat. He leans in, looking into my eyes with this intensity in every second that passes.

I blink, feeling his hot, minty breath on my face.

“You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad,” he whispers before he closes his mouth over mine, biting my lip. The kiss is harsh. He’s trying to show me how it’s turning him on. But my hand cups his crouch and I can feel just how much under my touch.

“Maybe we should ditch this dinner and spend the next hour in bed,” I offer.

Angelo chuckles. “I wish, doll. But I like my life the way it is. Refusing Noah would probably mean losing my cock, and I know for a fact you love it.”

I roll my eyes at him, pushing his chest as I settle back in my seat.

“You’re so full of yourself. I really don’t think your ego can handle much more.”

He starts the car back up as the light changes to green. “Don’t worry about that. It’s not yet big enough.”


Dressed in a black jumpsuit and with my wavy hair let down, I get inside the Sapore d’Italia, which is apparently one of Noah Falcone’s favorite restaurants in Las Vegas. Angelo, wearing a fitted black suit, takes my hand and leads me further inside.

We come up to one of the waiters.

“We have a reservation under Falcone.”

The man’s face flashes red, fear fills his eyes. He nods, gesturing towards the stairs.

“Yes, of course. Come with me. Mr Falcone is waiting.”

He leads us upstairs where there’s no one else but Noah Falcone and his wife Inéz themselves. The tables around theirs are all empty.

Seriously, unless the Capo pays them for wasted hours with no clients dining here, they are surely losing a lot of money.

I glance at Angelo, feeling myself growing uncertain about the situation. Somehow being surrounded by mobsters at our wedding hasn’t hit me as hard as this empty area with only a man who is barely older than me, leading one of the most dangerous organizations in the world. Maybe I should get my head checked?

When the couple sees us, they get up. I’m glued to Angelo’s side, suddenly too shy to speak or move. Inéz’s brown eyes light up and it makes me feel a little bit better. She doesn’t care about what’s appropriate, which would be me greeting Noah first, and wraps her arms around me.

The pressure is no longer there.

Then she moves to Angelo but doesn’t hug him. Instead, he takes her hand and kisses it lightly.

“It’s so nice to see you again,” she says. “We’re sorry you had to cut your honeymoon short.”

“It’s nothing. We will go as soon as possible.”

Noah shakes Angelo’s hand with a whisper I can’t catch, and his eyes move to me. He’s hard to read, and I start to think no Made Man will ever be the other way. It’s like trying to break through some tall, thick brick wall with a hammer only to realize there are hundreds more behind it.

“Katya,” Noah murmurs, nodding. He’s clearly not into that old-fashioned chivalry.

I smile at him, and we sit down at the table to order food. I’m not big on Italian cuisine so I decide on the good old spaghetti, feeling my stomach twisting and turning with each second. The plane food was awful, so I didn’t eat anything.

“How was Bali?” Noah asks. It sounds somewhat polite, but I don’t know whether it’s just some common courtesy to ask, or he’s really interested.

“Hot and humid,” Angelo tells him. “But it’s peaceful which is why we chose that place.”

Anything is better than the cheesy Paris for a honeymoon. 

Zoe wouldn’t agree, though. 

The men take this time to talk a little about the business before food is served. It’s nothing major and surely not the reason why we were asked to come to Las Vegas but I’m glad the Capo is not pressuring me to answer questions about myself.

I know that Angelo talked to him before he proposed, knowing that it’s required to get permission because of me not being a part of the Famiglia. So Noah must know a little bit about me, but I don’t know how much and whether I wouldn’t get anyone in trouble by saying too much.

That is why I don’t mind diving into a conversation with Inéz. She’s such a friendly person I can’t imagine her being in a relationship with the colder than stone Noah Falcone.

Although who am I to talk? Angelo is hardly all sunshine and rainbows kind of man. She tells me about her involvement in the political world since both Noah and his brother hate spending time with politicians, let alone do business with them. Inéz seems to like it.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how did you and Noah meet if you were in Seattle before?”

I’m not one to butt into someone’s private life but as she’s been talking about high school and then working for a senator back in Washington I find it strange that they even met. From the corner of my eye, I can see Noah getting interested in our conversation. Even if he is still pretending to be busy discussing things with Angelo.

Inéz chuckles.

“It’s a long story, to be honest. In short, Noah was supposed to marry this girl Lynette and I attended high school with her. Our paths just crossed and then we reconnected after a few years when he was already ruling over Las Vegas.” 

I frown.

“Wait. Lynette?” I say louder. Putting my hand on Angelo’s thigh, I grab his attention.

“Is that the same Lynette I met?”

He doesn’t look happy that I mentioned her. He’s been avoiding talking about that girl like fire. I know what happened and why, but it all sounds so interesting that I can’t help myself. 

“You met her?” Noah speaks up. His voice is harsh this time around, so I know he’s angry. He looks at me before going back to Angelo, wordlessly demanding an answer. For someone who was apparently supposed to marry the girl, he really doesn’t seem to like her.

“She has come into my house to leave the documents from you and stayed behind to talk to Katya when I wasn’t around.”

Noah rolls his eyes, sighing deeply.

“This girl will be the fucking death of me someday.”

“Is she in, like, some kind of trouble with the Famiglia?” 

I know I shouldn’t ask but something about Lynette pulled me in that evening. She saw herself in me, or maybe I saw myself in her. I know what she’s done, and why Angelo hates her. I’d never admit it out loud to him, but I hope she’s safe.

“She’s always in some trouble the way she’s running her mouth and carrying herself. And she doesn’t even have to try hard for this.”

His words don’t mean much to me, but I nod and give up on asking questions. It’s not my business.

After a little over thirty minutes, we are served food. I’m sure it’s because of how tired I am but it’s the best spaghetti I’ve ever eaten. To the point where I must hold myself back from ditching the silverware and stuff my mouth. That’d be embarrassing.

I glance to my left, seeing Angelo enjoying his food as well. I had a croissant in between the flights, he didn’t. So he must have felt the hunger even more than me.

There’s this awkward silence throughout the dinner, which annoys the hell out of me. I silently beg someone to break it with a new topic, because if I am to be here an hour or so longer, I need it.

“Your program for detecting card counters takes Famiglia’s casinos by storm, Katya,” Noah says.

Not really the change of topic I wanted, but I’ll take it.

“I’ve heard that it upped the game thoroughly.” I smile. “We’re still working on more updates so that’s not the end yet.” 

“How did you learn to count?” Inéz chimes in. Well, they obviously know how Angelo and I met.

“It just came naturally to me. I always liked playing cards. Then I realized I am a natural when it comes to math, and it just went from there. Looking up the tricks on the internet, keeping count and everything. Now I don’t really do that to get money, though I still practice. It calms me down and challenges me at the same time.”

That’s how the rest of the dinner went – us talking about cards, new ideas I have. Noah seemed very interested in trying out those once I make all the adjustments. I’m just thankful they didn’t go into details on where I have gambled before and how much money I have won through this.

Because as it turns out, I have most definitely frequented some of Falcone’s casinos. I just didn’t realize they belonged to him and to the mafia.

Little girl

It is close to midnight when we leave the restaurant. Way later than I thought we would be. I can barely keep my eyes open or stand on my feet. I wrap my fingers around Angelo’s seeking his strength in case I stumble as we go towards the car.

“Was it so bad?” he asks me when he opens the passenger’s door. His eyes on me, his face inches from mine. He hugs my waist, bringing me closer. Our bodies connect.

I shake my head.

“No, just extremely intense at moments. I see why you are so careful with Noah. He seems like trouble.”

“Everyone in the Famiglia is trouble, little girl.”

I get on my tiptoes, kissing his lips softly. “Especially you.”

“Damn right I am. Though, I believe that’s what brought you in, didn’t it?” His eyebrow rises, a smirk pulls at his lips.

“I don’t know. I think it was more you taking my money, to be completely honest,” I tease him. “Such an asshole of an owner, taking my hard-earned money just because he couldn’t deal with someone being smart enough to win.”

His fingers dig in my skin as he leans in. His hot breath on my neck. He brushes his nose along my earlobe.

“Careful. I’ll start to think you’re with me for my money.”

I snort. “Of course I am. Did somebody try to tell you otherwise? Then they were just being kind.”

I cup his face, grazing his cheeks with my nails lightly. My eyes on him as his expression softens. I love how he can be so serious with everyone and then engage in this verbal joust with me, as if he doesn’t care what anybody thinks of him. He’s all cruel and ruthless, but behind closed doors, he’s everything I wanted in a man.

“Then you won’t mind if I leave you here. Since all you need is money.” He pulls away, rounding the car. 

I laugh and go after him, wrapping my arms around his neck and jumping. He catches me mid-air with his hands on my ass. He presses me to the car.

“If you ever leave me, better sleep with one eye open, sir,” I threaten him. “You’ll pay for that and no money or position will be enough for you to redeem yourself.”

He smiles at me.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now let’s go back to our hotel room so I can show you just how little I think of actually leaving.”

I agree, closing my lips over his in a hard, demanding kiss.

Maybe he’s not perfect or anywhere close to being an ideal husband, whatsoever. But perfect is such a lie I don’t need my poker skills or program for card counters to detect a foul play.

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