“Stay with me,” he whispers in my ear, brushing away the hair from my neck. I can feel his torso against my back and the shivers walk up and down my spine as if I’ve been electrocuted at the very least. My cheeks get warm and for the first time I’m glad for my complexion because he can’t see. He would use it to his advantage surely. 
      “We’re a chaos, Xavier,” I whisper leaning back. His woodsy cologne scent wraps around my body like a comfort blanket. Why does he affect me so much? He is playing on my feelings like a bloody violin. He’s toxic. We’re toxic. 
       Now even more than ever because we share a secret.
       We share that night.
       His fingers sneak up my t-shirt, digging into my skin. He’s pulling me in a different dimension where time stands still and my heart stops beating just so
I can feel it all before the moment changes. Then I feel the air around me evaporates and I can’t breathe. Because he suffocates me, and I hate it.
        And I love it.
        And I can’t say no because I’d do it against my heart.
        So maybe I’m the sick one. Maybe I need therapy when he’s the one going to one. He knows what he’s doing and does it on purpose. I know what he’s doing and work against my better judgement. 
     “Maybe we’ve always been more comfortable in chaos,” he tells me. His lips running through my earlobe. 
      Then he takes off my t-shirt and I’m gone. So gone that I can kill again just to have that closeness with him forever. 

What to expect
⚜️Brother’s best friend
⚜️Partners in crime
⚜️Academic rivals
⚜️Fatal attraction
⚜️Murder case

– – – – –