INNOCENT (Omertà #1)

A cruel, dark world, ruled by ruthless men for whom power, money and control are everything. A world in which women are supposed to be meek, obedient and respectful. Even, or especially for the Mafia Princess. 

Lynette Selvaggio had grown up in the shadow of her family. Never allowed to thrive, voice her opinions or simply be herself. And it had never bothered her. Until her life dramatically changed in a matter of seconds. One decision set in motion a series of events she could never come back from. Faster than she was able to handle. And being surrounded by monsters lurking behind every corner and sadistic murders the escape became a distant, unreachable illusion.

There was no way out. The target on her back made it clear. All she wanted was to break free, yet the world she’d been born into seemed intent on breaking her instead. 

She was the girl nobody knew could be an angel, and still her light was setting everything around her on fire. But above all else, she’d always been innocent.

UNTAMED (Omertà #2)

Four years after the death of Marco Falcone, his oldest son is in charge of the Famiglia. Noah Falcone is the Capo. Rebellion and the unbounded passion of his own ego run wild through bloodstream. He makes his own rules and expects his soldiers to follow them. But building a new, better Famiglia is not as easy as it may seem. There are rats to get rid of – one of them being his Capodecina. However, killing someone, even in the mafia world, isn’t something that can be done on a whim. Least of all by the Boss himself. That’s why he turns to people from his past to make it right. And once he’s set his mind on something, he will stop at nothing to get things done. 

Loyal to few, ruled by none.

INHIBITED (Omertà #3)

Do Made Men have morals?

Once upon a time, Flavio Falcone would have bet his life that the answer was no. In this world of falsehood that he’d been born into, there was no place for something resembling honor. Man of honor was a fucking joke. He’d been taught that at the ripe age of 7. His sister’s blood and piercing screams still haunt his nights.

Yet, they haven’t shattered him like they would anybody else. Deep down, Flavio had always known he was different. When other kids, his siblings included, used to play freely, enjoy the little childhood allowed to them, he’d needed to fight to learn to quiet his incessant, unyielding mind.

That’s where she came in. Anastasia Costello bound to a cruel destiny and saved by those she would never put her money on. Fighting her own demons that unexpectedly mixed with Flavio’s. The monsters of their pasts were there, lurking in the shadows of what was lost and could never be regained.

But someone was playing mind games on the Famiglia, bringing him back to the dark place. A sadistic murderer who’d left a long trail of innocent young girls in his wake. So the only option for Flavio was to surrender to his thoughts once more. The clues were there, he knew they had to be, and all he needed was to find them.

So maybe no morals was a bit of a stretch after all.

CROSSFIRE (Rarissime duet book 1)

“Don’t expect me to be your happily ever after. I barely can see happy most of the time.” 

Elio Conte wasn’t a good person. As an Enforcer he loved fighting, maiming, and most of all – killing. He didn’t need a weapon for it. He was born one. Under-appreciated, barely involved in anything more than dirty work. That made him strong. Arrogant and insolent.  

And there was Savannah. The complete opposite. She was a waitress, working to give her little brother a life he deserved. Independent, caring, and selfless. Someone who should never step a foot in the mafia world. 

An outsider. 

Their paths crossed anyway with one simple decision that wasn’t even their own. Now they fight against what could be and what wasn’t ever supposed to happen. 

But their future isn’t written in the stars. Not even in the deepest abyss of hell. The devil has a different idea.

He put them in the crossfire and only one of them can escape it alive. 

A Very Mafioso Christmas

Omertà is our code of silence. You swear on it when diving into this anthology.
The laws of the street are:
1. Expect a cruel, bloody and sinful underworld.
2. Appreciate the villains; the monsters under your bed.
3. Lay money on foul language.
4. Have faith in steamy scenes.
5. Thrive in the darkness.
6. Pray for forgiveness.
And have a Merry Mafioso Christmas!

Sixteen dark romance authors bring you sixteen mafia and dark stories. Bow to the bosses: Bree Porter, V Domino, Eleanor Aldrick, AJ Wolf, J.M. Stoneback, Natalia Lourose, Zavi James, Shanjida Nusrath Ali, Anna Widzisz, Kay Blake, N.J. Adel, Jessica Avary, Alexi Ferreira, P.T. Macias, Krissy V. and Sav R. Miller


I can work people out with just one short look. How they think and make decisions. And I use it to my advantage. So when this sinfully handsome man appears to match up to my game, I try to excel even more. Just like that I become guilty of playing an ultimate game that’s supposed to ruin everything. Not just him. The darkness always seemed so alluring and that’s why he’s kept my interest. I’ve never really thought through what I’m getting myself into, and now I don’t know how to get out. 

I do bad things, illegal ones. And I excel at them. Bring on more than give out. This is how smart business works. So when this one wickedly beautiful blonde girl comes in to shake me out of what I’ve earned, I let her taste her own medicine. However, her young age and foul mouth pull me in more than push me away. And with the sudden complications, I feel as if I am in for more than just losing my money.