Royal Flush


I can work people out with just one short look. How they think and make decisions. And I use it to my advantage. So when this sinfully handsome man appears to match up to my game, I try to excel even more. Just like that I become guilty of playing an ultimate game that’s supposed to ruin everything. Not just him. The darkness always seemed so alluring and that’s why he’s kept my interest. I’ve never really thought through what I’m getting myself into, and now I don’t know how to get out. 

I do bad things, illegal ones. And I excel at them. Bring on more than give out. This is how smart business works. So when this one wickedly beautiful blonde girl comes in to shake me out of what I’ve earned, I let her taste her own medicine. However, her young age and foul mouth pull me in more than push me away. And with the sudden complications, I feel as if I am in for more than just losing my money.